The ancient world is frequently in the news. Find, read, summarize, analyze, and suggest the importance of three recent articles which share information about the ancient world, including newly discovered artefacts, translation, new scholarly work, and so on. The articles should be from reliable sources like National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, Ancient World Magazine, blog posts from museums, etc.

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21st-century readers remain interested in the ancient world. As we’ve discussed in this unit, that interest is usually focused through a current lens (1960s audience’s interest in science and engineering, early 2000s audience’s interest in war, etc). Based on the rhetorical moves made in the articles and the articles’ content, what is the 21st-century interest in the ancient world? What does examining the ancient world tell us about ourselves?

  • Summary and analysis of three reputable articles (no older than 2017)
  • Clear discussion of the articles’ points, audiences, and points of view
  • Draws conclusions about 21st-century people’s interest in the ancient world based on the rhetorical moves made in the articles and on the articles’ content
  • Double spaced
  • 12 pt font
  • 1” margins
  • MLA or APA citations (in text and on the reference page)
  • Your reference page should contain at least three entries (three articles)

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