1) APA 6th Ed format

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2) Due 27 Feb

3) 5 Pages minimum (not including title page and references)

4) Minimum of 5 References

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Watch these Harvard Business Review videos featuring Michael Porter and his Value Chain Model in terms of Competitive Forces.

Interview with Dr Michael Porter on the use of the Value Chain Strategy:


Research a firm that interests you and on which you can obtain sufficient information. I suggest you use or

Apply Porter’s value chain model to the firm you selected and at a minimum answer the following questions:

– What is your firm’s competitive strategy?

– Who are the firm’s major competitors? Describe the firm’s business model.

– Describe the tasks that the firm must accomplish for each primary value chain activity.

– How would the firm’s information systems contribute to the firm’s competitive strategy, given the nature of its business?

– You can present this in a set of bullets and associated discussion in 3 pages.

– Include a conclusion

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