Article Analysis Assignment

Article Analysis Assignment

First, read a news story from the newspaper or the Internet. Answer the following questions regarding your news story: 1) What is the main issue, who are the main actors being discussed; Then, choose one of the assigned articles you read for this week. Answer the following questions regarding the assigned article: 1) What are the basics of this article (who, what, when, how, why, etc.); 2) What is the overall main point the author is trying to convince you of? 3) Do you agree with the author’s argument? Why? Why not? Finally, tie together your news story with what you learned from the assigned article, textbook readings, podcasts, videos, etc. for this week. Type your answers in the box below using your own words, no outline or bullets, complete sentences and paragraphs, single-spaced, full-page. This week’s article that I chose to read from the New York Times was titled “Study ties lax state gun laws to crimes in other states.” My article was about the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg and “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (a coalition) and their push to single out states with lax gun laws to prevent the trafficking of guns used in crimes. This new campaign was brought on by a recent study of the flow of guns used in crimes across state lines. In the study, the three worst offenders were Mississippi, West Virginia, and Kentucky who supplied nearly half of the 43,000 guns traced to crime scenes in other states. Along with tightening the lax states’ gun laws, the coalition wants to close the so-called “gun show loophole.” The loophole allows people to buy firearms without going through as rigorous of a background search as opposed to going through a shop or dealer. The main opposition, Chris W. Cox, with the National Rifle Association (NRA), called the upcoming report, “a cute little PR stunt.” He was also quoted saying, “the report appeared to have relied on flawed assumptions.” “It is completely bogus for a group with a clear political agenda to release some study based on selective statistics,” he said. “This is not a serious discussion, but this is what we’ve come to expect from Mayor Bloomberg and his gun control agenda.” The assigned article this week was titled “Federalism’s Ups and Downs,” by Carl Tubbesing. It is basically about comparing the philosophies of Alexander Hamilton, Franklin Roosevelt, and Benjamin Franklin, and relating it to modern day issues with state and federal government powers. The article questions, “Which of our historical talking heads is right? . . . Is it Alexander Hamilton, our founding fathers’ staunchest advocate for a strong, national government? What about Franklin Roosevelt, who by most accounts, had to overcome his own caution about centralizing power. . . or is it Benjamin Franklin, renowned early American curmudgeon and contratarian?” It was written, about a year after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, in 2002. Another main point is the balance of power between the federal and state bodies. Although the article was written in 2002, it seems to be somewhat of an unpredictable foreshadow to today’s economic standing in the United States. The article from the New York Times loosely relates to the assigned article, “Federalism’s Ups and Downs,” by balancing the power of the federal government and state laws. In the case of the article, it was how much control the federal government has over state gun laws. The federal government is, basically, pressuring states to tighten up their gun laws. The pros of the federal government being able to tighten the gun laws would hopefully reduce the number of murders caused by illegally trafficked guns. On the opposite end, the tighter

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Source citation: Lichtblau, Eric. “Study ties lax state gun laws to crimes in other states.” The New York Times. 26 September, 2010. 26 September, 2010.

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