Argument Analysis Assignment

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This assignment is designed to measure your ability to analyze someone elses written argument by using the tools of rhetorical analysis, critical thinking, and persuasion.  Use the article provided. You will be specifically analyzing the article writers argument.  As part of your essay introduction, give your reader a quick summary of the article on which you are focusing.  Then analyze the writers argument, considering his or her claim and evidence as well as his or her use of logos, pathos, and ethos.  You may agree or disagree with the writers point of view.  In doing such, however, you must use secondary sources to support your point of view on the argument.  Your own point of view on the topic should become clear, although this is not to be the focal point of your essay.  Keep as your focus a critical, rhetorical analysis of the other writers argument.  Ask and answer questions about the writers argument throughout your essay.  Your conclusion should leave the reader of your essay with a very clear impression of your thoughts on the other writers ability to formulate a strong argument.
Besides the original article on which you will be focusing your essay, you will need to use two additional research sources, which will be used to strengthen your discussion on the original article authors argument. Be sure to work these support sources smoothly into your essay, properly citing both in text and on your works cited page. You will also want to strive for clarity and precision in your writing, following the rules of English grammar and composition.  This essay should be 3-5 pages in length.  Your essay will be graded using the essay rubric found on our course site.

Use this article –

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