Arabs and Muslims representations”Games”

“The representations of Arabs and Muslims in Video Games” Research Paper (3000 words excluding bibliography and footnotes) The final research paper should present a coherent, detailed, and convincing research and argument on a topic – How are western (anti-Muslims/anti-Arabs) are behaving in video Gaming? (misrepresentation by some users / and you can include also the western people who fight back for these misrepresentations) -How are Arabs Orientalized in video Gaming? -Do your research in such video games like (Call of Duty/ Fortnite/ and other games) have these Orientalized misrepresentations towards Arab. -How its effected? On what? -Who does these misrepresentations? the creator of the games or the users? -Why these misrepresentations are there? Are users meant to do it? And why? -How Arab people react to it? And is it effective? -Put examples of such games have these issues which lead to offend and discriminate -Discuss the bias and racism in these video games and how it is -Mandatory (1000 words): see some videos on YouTube about these video games and see the comments for these videos and how people are writing and discuss it. -Choose a method to do the research. The submissions will be graded for the evidence of the quality and depth of the student’s knowledge, understanding and critical engagement with the topic, his/her application of theoretical and analytical debates to case studies, and the coherence of argument presented. The research paper should also showcase students’ research abilities and critical-analytical skills.

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