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Description  answer the following questions answered two pages per question each question must include the following headers: 1. Facts, 2. Issues, 3. Laws/Regulations, 4. Applications and 5. Conclusion 1. On 1 April, Bob Buyer wrote to Sally Seller offering to buy 50,000 Chesapeake oyster seedlings from Sally at a price of 12 dollars per thousand, with delivery to be made by Sally no later than 15 July, Bob’s 1 Apr letter stated “This offer expires if delivery is not accomplished by 15 July.” Sally’s delivery truck arrived at Bob’s oyster farm on 15 July to make delivery. The driver presented Bob’s foreman with an invoice for 50,000 oyster seedlings with an amount due of $600. The foreman refused the delivery. Bob is a 2-104(1) UCC merchant, does Sally have any remedy against Bob? 2. In accordance with their contract, Shelia Seller, a MN merchant, shipped $1000 of widgets by rail to Bart Buter, a VA merchant. Alas, the train was struck by lightning and widgets were destroyed. The contact was silent regarding risk of loss. If the parties were to find themselves in court answer the two questions. 1. Which state law would the court apply? 2. What would be the outcome of the case? Include both scenarios and questions and provide the facts, issues, laws/regulations, application and conclusions for both scenarios as headers in the paper


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