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Assignment:This assignment requires you to focus on a single issue/assertion and convince your listeners of your position. The issue must be significant, controversial and debatable. Your topic should be something you believe in and have a strong conviction towards. Your speech is to have sound reasoning and follow a logical pattern. Attention is to be given to developing the speech design. Speech designs include categorical, comparison/contrast, sequential, problem-solution, with a motivated conclusion. The speech is to be 6 to 8 minutes in length, exceeding the time limit will result in a reduction of your score.Requirements1. You are required to do research on this project. Published, scholarly, credible sources must be quoted in your speech and cited in your formal outline. You are required to consult at least three.2. Outlines are due one class date before your assigned speech date. A formal outline will be the only outline accepted for this review. Typed outlines are required. Note: The outline must include a thesis, preview, introduction, main points, summary/conclusion and transitional statements. A final formal outline, with a work cited page, is due on the day of your speech. The work cited references must be in APA style. It is your responsibility to provide your outline prior to giving your speech.3. Supporting materials are required, they may include facts, statistics, testimonies or examples. Visual aids are encouraged.4. Type of Delivery – Extemporaneous — Do not read your speech. A podium will not be used.Examples of the Assignment:Focus on one-single issue or assertion (proposition). Persuade and convince your listeners to accept your position. The position must be significant; it may be a proposition of fact or value. Examples: The Civil War was unjustified – proposition of value, Women are able to multi-task at a faster pace than men, therefore making them more productive employees – proposition of fact.1. Attention Getter2. Listener Relevance3. Speaker Credibility4. Thesis5. Preview6. Transition ( for each body topic)7. Thesis Restatement8. Main Point Summary9. Clincher


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