Anthropology of science

Anthropology of science 

Paper details Assignment: Using a case study discussing a domain or topic of scientific research, apply and discuss the interpretive insights addressing two of the themes from the first part of this semester. These include: dominion over nature; scientific subjectivity; method as a sociocultural phenomenon; metaphor & the symbolic field; cultures of knowledge (e.g. the European Enlightenment); and science & exoticism Some background research & exploration will be needed to do this assignment properly. Note: Your choice of case study will make a big difference in which interpretive themes you will want to emphasize. It will be hard to discuss the symbolic field for a scientific topic that does not enjoy much popular discussion, and it will be equally difficult to discuss the Enlightenment inheritance of a very recent field of discovery. Length: 5 -7 pp. MAX, 12pt font double-spaced. Ensure you properly cite all referenced materials. The topic I have chosen is as follows: Genetically modifying children (obviously before birth- being able to pick traits such as eye color, skin color, etc etc) and how it has affected culture, science, and politics. Link this topic to the “dominion over nature” using Haraway’s “Primate Visions” as an imperative source and explore the methodology explained in the book in comparison to genetically modifying traits and linking it to the process of genetics. Use as many other sources as necessary

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