ANTH 103 Archaeology

This is the south facing stratigraphy at a site called Huaca Negra, located in the Virú Valley, Peru excavated byStrong and Evans in the 1940s. Please examine the profile and answer the following:

1. Label the layers on the illustration numerically in order of how each layer would be excavated.

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ANTH 103 Archaeology
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2. Which layers have material you could analyze? What methods could you use determine the age of thesite, local diet, information about the burials, etc?There are two burials in this stratigraphy. Use the Huaca Negra stratigraphy along with the seriation onthe following page to answer the following:

a. In Burial A (the one at roughly 3 meters), the archaeologist found a Salinar style pot with the burial.Approximately how old is the burial (give a date range)?

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