Another Chemistry Worksheet Essay

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Another Chemistry Worksheet Essay

Attached is another chemistry worksheet, please provide answers on a seperate word document
Charles’s Law: Temperature and Volume of a Gas
Problem: What is the mathematical relationship between the temperature and the volume of a gas?
Experimental Design: The temperature of a gas is systematically varied and the change in volume is
measured. A relationship between temperature and volume is determined by analyzing the evidence. Another Chemistry Worksheet Essay.
Temperature is the manipulated variable, the volume of gas is the responding variable, and the
pressure and amount of gas are controlled variables.


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1. Create a graph using data collected from .
2. Collect at least 10 temperature and volume measurements for volumes ranging from 0 cm3
40 cm3
for a gas in the Charles’s Law apparatus on the website above. See below for how to use
the apparatus.
3. Record your data in the table on the next page.
4. Since volume is dependent upon the temperature, plot volume on the y-axis.
5. Likewise, since temperature is independent upon volume, plot temperature on the x-axis.
6. Be sure to label your axes with names and units, start them at zero, and produce a scale to
extend the length of the paper.
7. Include a title to your graph at the top.
Data Table
1. What type of graph is produced?
2. How are temperature and pressure related?
3. If the graph were extrapolated (extended), where would it intersect the x-axis? What do we call this
point of intersection where the temperature is 0 Kelvin?
4. What is the product of any volume/temperature reading?
5. State Charles’s law in your own words.
6. Write the equation that represents Charles’s Law.

Another Chemistry Worksheet Essay

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