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Annotated Bibliography:

Annotated Bibliography:






For this week you should be working on your annotated bibliography with at least 8 academic sources (articles, books, institutional reports). For each source write a paragraph (~150 words) describing the thesis, argument(s), methodology adopted, and how it relates to your paper. I posted two samples under Files. The bibliography is due Monday October 11th.



Pretty much with the 8 sources that you did my Proposal, you have to write 150 words from those sources.





Alova, G., & Burgess, G. (2017). Housing poverty in Ecuador: challenges to eradication. Survey Review49(353), 117-133.

Bertoli, S., & Marchetta, F. (2014). Migration, remittances, and poverty in Ecuador. The Journal of Development Studies50(8), 1067-1089.

Bravo, J. C. M. (2017). Employment, poverty, and redistribution in Ecuador; A minimum wage story?

Croes, R., & Rivera, M. A. (2017). Tourism’s potential to benefit the poor: A social accounting matrix model applied to Ecuador. Tourism Economics23(1), 29-48.

Erskine, L. M., & Meyer, D. (2017). Influenced and influential: the role of tour operators and development organizations in tourism and poverty reduction in Ecuador. In Tourism and Poverty Reduction (pp. 59-130). Routledge.

Hentschel, J., & Waters, W. F. (2002). Rural poverty in Ecuador: assessing local realities for the development of anti-poverty programs. World Development30(1), 33-47.

Lanjouw, P. (2010). A Case Study of Ecuador. In Small Firms and the Environment in Developing Countries (pp. 57-81). Routledge.

Pablo, Q. S., Paloma, T. D. L. P., & Francisco, J. T. (2019). Energy poverty in Ecuador. Sustainability11(22), 6320.

Quishpe, S. P., Paloma, T. D. L. P., & Juárez, T. F. (2019). Energy Poverty in Ecuador. Sustainability11(22), 6320.

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