Anne Askew : The Protestant martyr

Why Anne Askew, with sources furthering your point, left such an impact on the world and as her being a woman of faith and grit. Talk about her entire life and accomplishments along with bravery. Get it all done, and I will come back to you as a writer. ***Remember, for the papers you should have 8-10 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 1″ margins. Keep spacing tight between paragraphs, you don’t need to have a gigantic blank space after each paragraph, and if you do, you will be graded appropriately. How you utilized your sources in your project/semi-annotated bibliography- this doesn’t need to be a fully annotated bibliography, but make sure I know how you used your sources. You can certainly build off of your previous annotated bibliography, but I want to know, directly, how each source you include influenced your project/thesis.***

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