Ancient Political Theory

Two: What are Crito’s reasons for wanting Socrates to escape? What are Socrates’ reasons for refusing? Is Socrates’ reasoning in Crito (in)consistent with his defense speech in the Apology?

Three: What are the definitions of justice put forward by the main characters in Book I of the Republic? What are the replies offered by Socrates to these definitions? What definition/s of justice is/are most compelling? Four: What is Plato trying to illustrate with the allegory of the cave? How is the allegory of the cave related to the discussion of justice? How do the different characters, actions, and stages of the cave narrative relate to contemporary life? Five: Why does Socrates suggest that it would be useful to examine justice in a polis? What, finally, constitutes justice in the city? How is this justice related to justice in an individual?

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