Analytical Essay is a type of essay that contains a detailed assessment of a particular topic. In analytical essay the writer firstly examines a topic and then describe the various aspects of the topic in detail. These essays do not merely describe or conclude but they contain detailed analysis presented in such a way that the reader may feel as if he is himself experiencing a particular object or event. The second property of an analytical essay is its persuasive capability. Sometimes after an analysis, the writer makes an argument or concludes something with supportive evidences from the topic. In short, the main purpose of an analytical essay is to give a detailed description or analysis of the topic and it is developed by close observation and by adopting other analyzing techniques.

The analytical essay starts by a powerful and interesting introduction that draws the attention of the reader. The writer then provides a detailed analysis and at the same time presents his arguments in a persuasive manner. Then comes the final part, which is the conclusion. It should be written in such a way that it leaves an imprint on the minds of the reader and they conclude the essay with a thought that they have read something interesting and meaningful. A high graded analytical essay must have the following properties:

  • Analysis should be detailed, skillful and generalizations that cannot be proved must be avoided.
  • Analytical essay should be properly organized and the transition from one argument or statement to another should be smooth. Conclusion should be the reflection of the entire essay and not just the repetition of the topic sentence.
  • Essay should be free from all sorts of error.
  • It should be cited properly and according to the specified style.
  • The style in which an essay is written must be inspiring and there should be no repetition.

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