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Andrew Michelle Brown are married and have two children, Jackson (age 7) and Cameron (age 2). They live at 100 Montrose Street, Hunting ton, WV 25701. Andrew is an attorney at Brown Law, PLLC, in which he owns 51% of the company. Brown Law, PLLC is a partnership (professional Limited Liability Company) and he receives a K-1 from the partnership. Michelle is also an attorney, and she is an employee at Fund for Law. See also the tax organizer and provided work papers for additional tax information. Each member of the family had health insurance for the entire year (assume both the health insurance tax credit and penalty are not applicable).

The basic information is listed as follows:

NameSSNBirthdatePhone Number
Andrew R. Brown111-22-123412/1/1975304-123-4567
Michelle R. Brown111-22-43218/15/1977304-765-4321
Jackson Brown111-22-678911/25/2010
Cameron Brown111-22-98766/30/2015

You are employed at ABC Tax Consulting, LLC and will sign the returns as the paid preparer.

The taxpayer will paper file their tax return . They do not want to contribute to the presidential Election. They are not blind.

Any tax overpayments should be applied to the following tax year.

The taxpayer has a new rental property this year. The following information will be used in completing the tax return. They are not considered a real estate professional and did not make any payments that required the filing of a 1099:

Gross rental income10,000
Cleaning and maintenance600

Write a memo to the client and suggest 1-2 additional tax planning opportunities.

I need this memo within two hours

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