Alternative and Complimentary Treatments

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research Alternative and Complimentary treatments for chronic pain and terminal illnesses. Select three different approached and address the following topics in a coherent essay that is a minimum of three (3) pages, not including a title and/or reference page:

What is the primary characteristic of an alternative or complementary approach to health care
What three treatments did you select and why?
Describe each treatment with breadth and depth and explain how each treatment/therapy differs from traditional medicine.
Would you recommend alternative and/or complementary treatments in lieu of traditional medicine? Why/why not and defend your position.

You are required to have at least three outside resources, at the scholarly level. Wikipedia is not acceptable. You are encouraged to use Concorde’s Online Library: to ensure peer-reviewed, credible, and scholarly resources.

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The use of outside resources is required and all papers must be cited and written in APA format.

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