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All about Emotive Language and How it Can Enhance Writing

Emotive language can enhance essay writing. Before understanding how the language can help write essays, it is important to understand what the language is. This blog makes a fair attempt to define the language. It also describes how to use it in literature. The blog also discusses the effect of emotive-language. Later it discusses the concept of connotation.

Emotive Language Definition

Emotional language related to the use of emotions that evokes emotions. This language is preferred in numerous writing and narrative styles. It connects the readers with the writer. The language uses emotions. Hence, it is useful for readers to memorize the expressions of the language. This language defines the set of words that are chosen to express an emotion. Such language helps to cause an emotional reaction.

The emotive language is widely used in our day to day life. The language is simple and easy to comprehend. Often news headlines use emotional words to attract readers’ attention. The objective of using such language is to hook the audience.

Example and Explanations of Examples

 “Callous public stared like a goat when a married woman needed help to fight against corruption in society. “

The above statement is an example of emotive language. In this statement, the words callous stared and goat evokes emotion.

In an affectional language, the objective is not to convey a concrete fact. Instead, the objective is to generate emotions in the minds of the listener. The examples help to understand the language in a better manner. The objective of using this language is to influence the listeners, the readers. The language helps influence the audience to think differently.

Importance of Emotive Language in Literature

In literature, the purpose of using emotional words is to convey ideas and thoughts with the readers. While writing, it is important to pen-down thoughts in a manner so that the readers can relate them well. In this context, it is important to understand that to make a story or literature relatable than it has to evoke emotions. Therefore, emotions must be part of a literature text.

How Can A Complete Emotional Language Be Written?

This blog discusses in detail about the definition of emotional language. It discussed the concept of connotations which is useful to strengthen the language. The argumentative language helps to influence the readers. To provide a better impression on the readers, it is advised to possess a good knowledge of the basics of the language as well as connotations.

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