Age and Acquisition in Second Language

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 We need to find 5 scholarly article about Age and Acquisition in Second Language • Research a particular aspect of language learning and acquisition and draw practical teaching applications for your teaching. — Research Paper & Presentation: You will write a 10-15 page research paper on a particular aspect of language learning/acquisition, drawing practical teaching implications from your research. Refer to the chapter headings in the Brown text for possible research topics. Additionally, you will share your research in a 15-minute oral presentation. A detailed description of the format follows below. Format for the Research Paper: 1. The paper should begin with a survey of the topic, one that not only defines the particular focus and describes its importance or relevance to second language acquisition but also traces the historical development of the topic. This is the background section and should only be as long as needed to give the reader some understanding of the topic. 2. The next section should include more recent research in this area. Specific studies should be cited; they should be summarized, analyzed, evaluated and commented on. (This same treatment might also apply to landmark essays in the early development of the topic–ones that signal major changes in thinking or approach to the topic). However, these summaries and commentaries should not be overwhelmingly long and detailed. A discussion of methodological issues that impact the accuracy or value of the research may also be included in this section. 3. This section should be followed by a discussion of the pedagogical or practical teaching implications of the research on this topic. This is the heart of your paper; this is your chance to demonstrate what you have learned from researching this topic and how you can apply that knowledge to your present or future teaching. 4. The final section, the conclusion, summarizes the paper and is followed by the bibliography (APA format). 5. APA format and bibliography required. 6. • Chapter 3 from the Textbook: Brown, H. Douglas (2014). Principles of Language Learning and Teaching. 6th ed. White Plains, NY: Addison Wesley Longman. ISBN: 0-13-017816-0.


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