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Must include 

1. History of the policy (When the policy was made; who made the policy  (national, state, local, agency); Why the policy was made; How the policy has been implemented within your agency)

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2.  Why you chose this policy to analyze (If Applicable)

3. Video (no longer than 5 minutes)

4.  Considerations Related to Values (Is the policy generally compatible with Contemporary Society? Is the policy compatible with important and enduring cultural values, particularly equality, fairness, and justice? Is the policy compatible with social work’s professional values and ethical system?)

5. Knowledge Considerations (Is the policy based on the knowledge that has been tested to some degree? Is the policy workable? That is, can the programs that flow from the policy be carried out in the real world? Does the policy create a few problems for both the public and the intended beneficiaries?)

6 Elements related to Costs and Benefits (Is the policy reasonably effective? Is the policy efficient?

7. Summary Statements

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