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Advanced Nursing Practice Role Paper

Advanced Nursing Practice Role Paper

For this assignment, you will research an advanced nursing practice role (Family Nurse Practitioner) and summarize your findings. Focusing on the specialty (FNP), select an advanced nursing role to research. Distinguish the role as clinical or non-clinical, (prefer to do it as clinical) and how it promotes patient outcomes, ie safety, access to health care or health information relative to the ANP level • Apply an Advanced Nursing Practice Concept to your chosen role • Develop a minimum of ten questions that you would like to ask the advance practice clinician or non-clinician that you have chosen to interview.



Identify in the paper the individual by name, credentials, position, and your planned date for the interview (Interview is due Week 3) • Support your findings with at least two research articles (study, design, sample, and results must be discussed). Other peer-reviewed articles that are non-research and nursing organization websites may be used. All articles must be current (not more than five years old, unless it is a hallmark reference; i.e. American Association of College of Nursing. (2010)). Advanced Nursing Practice Role Paper

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