Administrative and Organizational

Description Create a PowerPoint presentation of 10–15 slides, briefing the Riverbend City CEO and Command Staff on the elements contained in the Riverbend City: Stop and Frisk scenario. You will use the speaker’s notes section within the PowerPoint slides to provide all the information relevant to each slide. You must use Adobe Connect to record your presentation. Refer to Unit 1, Study 2, for more information on this requirement. Each slide must have no more than 4–5 bullets, and each bullet must have no more than 4–6 words. Use graphics liberally throughout the presentation, but ensure that they are appropriate for the content provided. Make sure your presentation contains the identified slide headings that address the critical elements aligned with the grading criteria: Title. Purpose: Include the reasons for the presentation. (1–2 slides) Leadership and Administration: Apply principles of strategic and tactical thinking in leadership and administrative roles. (2–3 slides) Internal Organizational Challenges: Develop theoretically informed methods of addressing criminal justice organizational challenges. (2–3 slides) Organizational and Functional Effectiveness: Propose methods of responding productively to external pressures that enhance the functioning of criminal justice organizations. (2–3 slides) Administrative Policies and Practices: Examine best administrative policies to support and ensure legal and ethical conduct of criminal justice personnel. (2–3 slides) Before you start your work, carefully read the Administrative and Organizational Functioning Scoring Guide to ensure that you understand all the requirements for success.

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