Adding Perfection to English Coursework Commentary

Once you are done writing the commentary for your English coursework, it’s time to add perfection to it. Yes, you read it right! This is the last yet the most important phase, so be very careful.

Step 1 – Read the Commentary Aloud

First, start reading your commentary aloud so that you can easily identify the mistakes and rectify the same. It is a fact that, when we write something in a hurry, we cannot write perfectly at once, so it’s better to read it several times loudly. Listen carefully to the words and expressions and analyze the tone and conversation style. Also, note down the places where changes are required.

Step 2 – Make Sure the Commentary Follows a Proper Outline

In this step, you need to prepare a reverse outline by using your commentary as a guide. But, make sure that the commentary has a clear introductory section, main body, and the conclusion. Also, cross-check whether it follows your original outline or not.

Step 3 – Rectify the Mistakes Carefully

Finally, read your English coursework commentary backward, concentrating on each phrase to ensure it is correctly written. Highlight all the punctuation marks in the commentary and make sure that you use them right. 

For Example – Pause at the end of each sentence or a comma between words if necessary.

This is how you can rectify all the mistakes from your commentary and make it completely error-free.


Finally, the commentary is completed successfully.

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