Actual Ideas Of The Novel Of Mice And People

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  Of Mice and men is a parable that makes an attempt to explain the meaning of being human. John Steinbeck thinking regarding mans place has been shaped by Ed Rickett. As we know, a man is a small part of a large universe. Individuals come and go, but they leave a lasting mark. Of Mice and Men teaches us about the . Every character, including George Milton, Lennie Small, Crooks, Candy, and Curleys wife, all go through a profound sense of isolation and loneliness at some point. Each of the characters desires comfort without censors that their friend has. There is an essay sample denoting the different themes of the novel.

1. Predatory Nature of Human

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Curleys wife tells Crook, Candy, and Lennie that she has an unhappy married life. Crook admits to Lennie, life isnt any good without a companion whom you can turn to during any need or confusion. The characters appear helpless due to their isolation. However, even in their weakest situation, they seek to destroy people who are weaker than them. 

The novella suggests that the kind of strength that is used for oppressing others is born out of weakness. One of the most powerful examples is showcased in the cruel tendency as Crook criticizes the dream of Lennie of the farm and his dependence on George. Having admitted to his vulnerabilities, he is a black man who has crooked back and is seeking companionship, Crooks thus, aimed at the weakness of Lennie. 

2. Idealizing Male Friendship and Fraternity

Lennie Small and George Milton plan to live on a farm. It is a place that no one will ever reach and has extensive quality, as pointed out by Crooks. Candy is attracted by its aura just after listening to its description. Previously, Crooks had seen several men fall under the same spell, yet he couldnt restrain himself from asking if he could have a patch of garden on the farm. The men of the novella wish to come together in a way that would enable them to be like brothers. They desire to live, keeping each other’s best interests in mind. It will give peace of mind that there is someone out there for them and they will have someone to express their feelings without any censors. 

In and other essay examples, you will notice that the tragic end of Lennie and Georges friendship has a significant impact because one comes to have an idea about the friends they have. Towards the end of the novella, they lost a dream that is larger than them. 

However, the world is quite harsh and it is difficult to maintain such a relationship. Thus, they are forced to separate. With this, the rare friendship is going to vanish. 

3. The Implausible American Dream

Every essay sample will show that the characters in the novella, Of Mice and Men, admit that they dream of a different life. Prior to her death, the wife of Curley admits that she wants to be a movie star. Crooks have a fantasy of hoeing a patch of garden on the farm of Lennie. Candy and George share the vision of owning a couple of acres. 

Before the prime action of the movie, a majority of the characters have these wishes. For instance, Curleys wife declared that she has an unfulfilling marriage. All these dreams are American as all the dreamers look for untarnished happiness. Lennie and Georges desire to own a farm will help them to sustain themselves and also provide protection from the inhospitable world. Eventually, George comes to realize the impossibility of their journey. This proves that Crooks is right, a paradise of contentment, freedom, and safety wont be available in this world. 

4. Captivity vs Freedom

Lennie, as well as George, feels that the ranch is not a good place. However, they will have to stay as they are unable to help it. Unfortunately, they are a part of the society which but doesnt offer many options to achieve it.   The lack of freedom in the characters doesnt come from the extreme economic conditions but from the stressful nature of life for disempowered. 

Disabled and aging Candy is unable to keep Carlson from shooting his dog. While, Crooks on the other hand, is neither able to get anyone to visit his room or keep them out. Wife of Curley had no option other than to marry Curley. This piece of work by John Steinbeck is an important part of English . Of Mice and Men shows how the working class has little freedom in their life. They are often imprisoned by their own circumstances. The tragic end is George being compelled to shoot Lennie. It is understood, that George didnt have the freedom to make his own decision and was forced by cruel circumstances. 

Steinbeck has touched on several themes such as dreams, cruelty, economic injustice, freedom, captivity, and much more 

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