Active Reading – Saved Search Notes



Before  students set up the first part of their library consultation assignment, the query saved search, students will be expected to take preliminary notes on the reading. Students can choose to meet with the librarian BEFORE writing up Active Reading – Saved Search notes assignments if they are struggling with finding material. 

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Active Reading – Saved Search Notes
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Review reading related to your research before you meet with the librarian regarding research needs.


  1. Turn to at least ONE of your saved searches that has sent you a piece of peer-reviewed work this week. 
  2.  Save query after logging on to ACE account via unlv library and/or Google Scholar search. 
  3. Once you save a search, UNLV LIbrary and/or Google Scholar, will send you notification emails about research using your key words. 
  4. Open/download the resource and
    1. Verify that it’s peer-reviewed (published in an academic journal) 
    2. Once you verify that it’s peer-reviewed, open and download
  5. Skim the resource by
    1. Looking for key words in your research
    2. Reviewing the abstract
  6. After skimming
    1. Save/highlight key quotes. Reference, if possible,  page numbers. 
    2. Complete the statement
      1.  I do/not intend to read this further because
      2. This (type of material) does/not address my research question because
      3. After superficially reviewing this article, I will need to further explore….
  7. Record 30 seconds/75 word minimum,  AT LEAST 50 of your own words.

Criteria for Success: 

1. Follow directions

2. Adhere to IDS Learning Outcomes 

3. Organize for clarity 

4. Provide, to the best of your ability, correcting spelling and grammar. 

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