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Accounting Homework Help

Balance off the accounts and extract the Trial Balance

Record the following transactions in the Ledger of A. B. Castro for the month of April 2022. Balance off the accounts and extract the Trial Balance.


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2022 $

April 01 Balances brought forward:

Cash in hand 1,245

Cash at bank 3,545

Accounts Receivable: A Benton 1.080

Accounts Payables: O. Pearson 2,135

S. Thomas 1,155

02 Cash sales 2,400

Banked cash 2,400

05 Bought goods from O. Pearson on credit 3,780

08 Paid rent by cheque 420

10 Sold goods to A. Benton 1,730

11 Returned goods to O. Pearson 130

13 Paid general expenses in cash 160

14 Paid wages by cheque 750

15 Bought Office equipment from S. Thompson 1,245

16 Paid O. Pearson by cheque 2,200

18 Received cheque from A. Benton 2,500

20 Cash sales 3,600

Banked cash 3,600

22 Purchases paid by cheque 2,300

24 Purchases office furniture by cheque 1,000

26 Paid S. Thomas 950

28 Paid wages in cash 850

30 Paid general expenses in cash 180

Paid insurance by cheque 580

Paid rates by cheque 200. Accounting Homework Help.

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