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Business Plan: The deliverable is a comprehensive business plan. The student may choose to develop a [entrepreneurial] comprehensive proposal for a new company or a proposal for a new product line or business venture [intrapraneurial/innovative] within an existing organization. The business, new or existing, must be identified by a name. Engle (2020) notes that thousands of business plans reach potential investors each year. Most are discarded. The few investors accept typically include a strong team or management structure (presence of strong leadership), well-defined market opportunities, discussion of key risks with a strategy to mitigate them, and conservative financial projects that include ranges.

Engle, P. (2020). Business plan fundamentals. ISE Magazine.

5. Introduction of Proposed Company or Established Company. Include an initial discussion about the industry, followed by a discussion on the proposed company or the new product.

6. Mission, Vision, Values, Code of Ethics (including a brief discussion regarding Corporate Social Responsibility) of the proposed or established organization; Sustainability and corporate social responsibility considerations should be included.

7. Products and Services that will be offered. 

8. Market Analysis: Market size and trends, the economics of the business or product

The business plan follows a model developed by Timmons and Spinelli. APA, 7th edition format, and writing style is used for the presentation.

6 pages, 7 references including:

 3 citation from the articles

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