Business Plan: The deliverable is a comprehensive business plan. The student may choose to develop a [entrepreneurial] comprehensive proposal for a new company or a proposal for a new product line or business venture [intrapraneurial/innovative] within an existing organization. The business, new or existing, must be identified by a name. Engle (2020) notes that thousands of business plans reach potential investors each year. Most are discarded. The few investors accept typically include a strong team or management structure (presence of strong leadership), well-defined market opportunities, discussion of key risks with a strategy to mitigate them, and conservative financial projects that include ranges.

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Engle, P. (2020). Business plan fundamentals. ISE Magazine.

5. Introduction of Proposed Company or Established Company. Include an initial discussion about the industry, followed by a discussion on the proposed company or the new product.

6. Mission, Vision, Values, Code of Ethics (including a brief discussion regarding Corporate Social Responsibility) of the proposed or established organization; Sustainability and corporate social responsibility considerations should be included.

7. Products and Services that will be offered. 

8. Market Analysis: Market size and trends, the economics of the business or product

The business plan follows a model developed by Timmons and Spinelli. APA, 7th edition format, and writing style is used for the presentation.

6 pages, 7 references including:

 3 citation from the articles

Successful Remote Teams Communicate in Bursts [HBR by Riedl and Woolley, October 28, 2020]

You’re Delegating. It’s Not Working. Here’s Why [HBR by Nawaz, November 12, 2020)

Framework for Leaders Facing Difficulty Decisions [HBR, by Pliner, October 13, 2020]

A Systematic Review of Various Leadership Theories (pdf)

Getting Over Your Fear of Talking About Diversity [HBR, by Auger-Domingues, November 8, 2019]

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