A social issue that causes harm in your community and devise a hypothetical policy effort in response.


Choose a social issue that causes harm in your community and devise a hypothetical policy effort in response. Your policy should build on insights from our course readings and other course materials. You will need to pick a topic that is covered in our readings (even if only briefly). The mock policy platform should be small enough in scope to allow you to describe and discuss it in the few pages allotted for the assignment. Your essay should cover the following: BRIEFLY DESCRIBE the problem. Cite the textbook and/or other readings to establish the existence and importance of the issue your policy will address.

BRIEFLY DESCRIBE THE PROPOSED POLICY EFFORT. What are its purposes and/or goals? What are its main features? AT LENGTH, DEVELOP THE PROPOSED POLICY EFFORT, AND JUSTIFY YOUR POLICY CHOICES (this should comprise the bulk of your essay). For each feature of your proposal, detail specifically what it would look like. Justify each policy choice using course content—readings, films, lecture, or discussion. Dig deeply into course sources and synthesize them as you develop your plans and articulate why they make good policy sense. Use your imagination. Embrace hope and vision for a more just and sustainable society. Read the intro discussing the logic of the assignment above to inform your thinking as you write. UPLOAD YOUR ESSAY In the following format: 1000 words in length, minimum edited and revised for clarity, conciseness, and the degree to which it responds directly to the prompt deeply engaged with the texts and other course sources. The essay must engage with and cite: at least four course readings, one of which should be the OpenStax text at least two other sources—lecture, film, or in-class discussion Your references to these sources should involve in-depth engagement and show a comprehensive grasp of them. Avoid in-passing mentions that do not delve beneath the surface.


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