A Legal Job Analysis

A Legal Job Analysis

In Unit 2, you learned about a number of legal issues that impact the field of staffing. In this unit, you have seen that one critical tool for maintaining a legal staffing system is the job analysis. The “work product” of a job analysis that most of us see is a job description. Based on your current job (or one that you have previously applied for), use the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP) to respond to the following:

  • Did the job have a job analysis/job description? If so, was this document in writing? If not, how was it provided to you?
  • Was the job description current? If so, describe how you knew it was up-to-date. If not, how did you know it was out-of-date? Explain whether the old information was critical to successful job performance.
  • What three methods described in the UGESP (criterion, content, or construct validity) would you use to update this job analysis/job description? Justify why.
  • How would using O*Net OnLine be better for generating the job analysis for this position? Describe the specific job title you researched on the website and what your findings were from this resource.

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