A Day in The Life of Hunter Gatherers

Description The subject is about New World Archaeology Here is the description of this paper from my professor The project will be a “Day in the Life” of a fictional person, from a New World archaeological culture of your choice. Your group must choose a culture that none of you researched for your Annotated Bibliography Assignment. You will create this “A Day in the Life” project by researching, reviewing and incorporating archaeological information about a past culture to develop a description of a scene of what the “day in the life” of a person in the past might have been like. In grading this project, YOU will be particularly looking for the following essential elements: (1) Does the “day in the life” incorporate archaeologically known information about the material culture of that past culture (e.g., housing, tool types, personal ornaments)? (2) Does the “day in the life” incorporate information about the natural environment in which the fictional person would have lived? This should incorporate information about what kinds of foods the person may have eaten. (3) What type of social environment the person lived in (a small village, a large city etc.)? (4 ) Lastly, the “day in the life” should be detail-oriented, based on archaeological data, and creative! You will submit a collaborative group paper at the end of the semester, four to five pages long, with a write-up of your “day in the life.” This paper is to be written in the first person (“I woke up today and went to work.”) You will ALSO do a group presentation to the class, on the Final Exam Day (last day of class December 13th) in which your group will present to the rest of the class your “day in the life.” Again, make your presentation creative! Your presentation should be five to ten minutes long and should include illustrative materials, such as a PowerPoint presentation, a poster, handouts, slide show, etc. It is up to you if you want to read your paper word for word or present an overview of your culture.

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