800 words paper: READING RESPONSE

Write a “Reading Responses,” one for Richard Dyer’s “A Matter of Whiteness.”

Your response is a 3-paged (minimum), typed (double-spaced) response to the assigned reading, according to the following format:

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  • Your Name & Date
  • Name of Author
  • Title of Article
  • Selected Quote or Quotes (MUST communicate (an)essential point(s) of the article)
  • Written Response (What is new information or a new idea about this subject for you? What ideas and/or feelings and/or personal experience does this quote provoke in you?
  • Please note: DO NOT “agree” or “disagree” with the author’s point of view. This is not a position paper. Instead, we are looking for understanding with this assignment, not argument. As noted above, Relate the quote to your own experience.


Failure to follow the guidelines above will result in a lower grade.


As time permits, students will read their selected quotes in class and/or contribute their ideas to an in-class discussion of each article.


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