7301MED-Health Policy And Planning


Assessment Task 1: Literature Review

Task Description

1. Select a research topic relevant to practice and refine this into a manageable (achievable for a workplace project)research topic and possible question.

2. Explain how this topic is influenced by current practice and health care changes and develop a logical argument about the importance of the topic in the current health care system.

3. Search databases to identify contemporary literature relevant to your research topic. Analyse the literature and write a paper that:

4. Demonstrate current knowledge of the literature related to chosen research topic area.

5. Provide a synopsis of literature review to support your research

Assessment Criteria:

1. Identify manageable research topic/question relevant to practice and supported by literature review. Describe context of research topic, including relevant political and health system contexts

2. Locate, critically analyse and provide a synopsis of current research articles relevant to the research question/topic

3. Write clearly and succinctly in an appropriate academic style, presenting work in accordance with the Presentation of Assignments guidelines and with correct referencing.

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