My interest then went to radio so I started my own WBDM for Big Country playing all types of music. The online radio music and talk show now the Big D Zone now co stared by my wife, moreover we are trying to reach more fans or citizens of big d nation. I just started out as a notary public it is like being self employed but you paid by the laws of the state. With everything that I have learned I feel that I should my life experience should get me the classes the I need as I go for my first degree. I know how to use my speaking skills to not only entertain but to also to help me as I become self-employed. I also plan on using what I learned as I run for office for president and for other city state congress and so on. I am pursuing my AS in Business Administration as well as my BA. I want to use my management and training skills that I have gained through owning a online radio show in the business side of the station and show. There are other business ideals that I am thinking about entering. I already have a brand name. I am also a inventor, making a new product. Always looking for ways to make my own income to help make a better life for my family. I also decided to write a book about my life as someone looking for love being an intern going to the hospital even sharing one song Our Wedding day and a Gospel Poem You Are Not Alone. As part of my work I even let people write their own short story about themselves so that they too can be inspire to be a writer. I wanted to show my first book to use for English two class to showcase my writing, so that I can move on to my other classes so that I can get one step close to my degree I have been doing online radio off and on science 2007, hosting the a online radio show The Big Zone.