Regardless of the reason an individual is referred for a formal psychological evaluation, the psychologist conducting the assessment is almost always expected to write a psychological assessment report. Different professionals display some differences in terms of what they include in a report, and some go into much more detail than others. However, the ultimate goal is to summarize the assessment findings and (usually) to make recommendations (e.g., specific actions, treatment, referral, additional assessment, and occasionally—no further action). While it is uncommon for bachelor’s level graduates to write full psychological reports unless they are working under the supervision of a licensed psychologist, it is common for individuals with bachelor’s degrees to have to read and interpret the contents of psychological reports and to assist with carrying out specific recommendations made in the report. To demonstrate your ability to understand, interpret, and synthesize information from multiple sources, the final project in this course is to complete the write-up of a psychological assessment report. Do be sure to incorporate any feedback you received on your Week 2 assignment into your Week 5 final paper.”