Final Paper

This paper is APA format, 3-5 pages (excluding references), and should include the headings and subheadings exactly as they are stated.

Include these subheadings (do not use bullets in your paper, use APA style subheadings). Within each section, provide a brief description of the section and the rationale for choosing it.

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Final Paper
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  • Heading: Introduction (Overview/Background)
    • Subheading: Objectives

The purpose of this campaign is to…

After completing this campaign the audience will be able to (1)…..(2)….., and (3)

  • Subheading: Brief Literature Review
  • Heading: Conceptual Framework
    • Subheading: Theoretical model

The theoretical model that this campaign is using is …

  • Hading: Health Communications Campaign
    • Subheading: Targeted Population

The target population of this campaign is…

  • Subheading: Message and Channel

The message of this campaign is ….

  • Subheading: Strategy and TImeline

The communication strategy of this campaign includes…

The timeline of this campaign is …

  •  Subheading: Campaign materials

The materials used in this campaign are…

  • Heading: Conclusion

In conclusion, this campaign will..

End with an APA style reference list on a new page

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