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Does your solution bring people together?

(please consult the document titled “Brief Submission Format” saved in the OneDrive)





Section 1: The Issue


Section 2: Our Solution

A: Why is it important?

Following Sinek’s Golden Circle, provide a summary of your solution, beginning from Why, then How and finally What. Your “Why” for the solution should be a natural follow on from your description of the issue (above).

· Why:

· How:

· What:

B: How it works

Does your solution bring people together? Or reorganize resourcing for events? Or provide new pathways for business to use parks? Before you get to discussing what your solution does, it’s important to set up how your solution works. For tips on good language and the types of things you could mention, your notes from the SPS and CIP Masterclasses will help you here, along with reviewing Simon Sinek’s TED Talk for the Golden Circle.

· Our solution provides increased customer awareness and engagement with Snow Central through the use of digital tactics via social media, and physical strategies in the store’s layout/design and employee training. Rough outline

C: What it does

Be concise about the details of the solution

· M


Section 3: Core Value Proposition

D: User stories

E: Figures and Tables

F: Concluding remarks

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