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Exceptional Children Online Chapter Three

NEGA RESA, Exceptional Children Online Chapter Three

Fall 2018 Procedures and Processes




1. Using the 5 W’s method, explain Response to Intervention: (50 pts)



Who (is involved)?




What (is it)?




When (does it occur)?




Where (does it typically occur)?




Why (do we use RTI)?




2. Compare and contrast an SST and MDT. Who is the case manager and when does he/she join the process? (20 pts)





3. What are the main sections of an IEP? You can use a bulleted-list format but please explain major elements such as PLOP, ITP, goals, BIP, supplementary aids and services, etc… (20 pts)





4. What is the difference between modifications and accommodations? Please provide examples. You may have to do some independent research to answer this question. (20 pts)

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