Assignment 2: Assessing Group Process 3

Assignment 2: Assessing Group Process 3

A large part of being a social worker is being able to see the strengths in any situation. This characteristic can be described as having a “half full” view on life. As a clinical social worker, it is important to cultivate strength-based skills.

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By now, your group should have developed a plan in completing the Group Wiki Project. In your Assignment, reflect on your group’s process in establishing the group structure (effectiveness of communication), and contracting assignments as you have chosen the family intervention and developed the literature review.


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Describe what you view to be the strengths and weaknesses of your group. (We all want a great grade, we are all to discuss and communicate anything, if anyone needs help on their part we offer one another help) What strategies can you implement to assist the group process? Implement one of these strategies and be prepared to reflect on your experience in Week 9.


Group Process Assignments should integrate course concepts related to group process. Assignments should demonstrate critical thought when applying course material to your group experience. Support ideas in your Assignment with APA citations from this week’s required resources. Toseland, R. W., & Rivas, R. F. (2017). An introduction to group work practice (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson. Chapter 6, “Planning the Group”


By Day 7


Family Systems Description of Group Wiki Case Study

Identifying/Demographic Data

The Davis family is a Caucasian family that lives in Terre Haute, Indiana. Their family consists of the father: Mike (36), the daughter: Laura (12), the son: Michael (7), and the youngest daughter: Claire (3). Mike works as a construction supervisor and the family lives in a small subdivision. The children attend middle school and elementary school in Terre Haute, and Claire is in daycare full time. Mike usually works from 6 am to 5 pm and picks up the kids from daycare and their after school programs. Mike identifies as a straight, white male. Laura identifies as a straight, white female. Michael and Claire have not discussed their preferences due to their ages. Mike is a good father and his kids care about him a lot.

Chief Complaint/Presenting Problem

Mike reports that he and the children are going through a traumatic experience due to the loss of his wife and the children’s mother. Greta (34) committed suicide three months earlier by taking a combination of Xanax, Trazadone, and Benadryl leaving her family behind. Michael found his mother and is having behavioral issues in school. Mike is having a hard time balancing his work life, trying to be a single dad, and working through his own grief. Laura has been socially withdrawn from her friends, and Mike has noticed some of the bottles from his liquor cabinet in her room. Claire does not understand the situation but continues to ask where her mommy is and when she is coming back.


Roles and assignments for the group members. Each member was assigned something different.

L: Family systems description, Literature Review

J: Scope of the Issue, Advantages and Disadvantages of Interventions

P: Engagement and Assessment, Recommendations for Treatment

Group All together: Evaluations



We prefer to text and zoom each other for communication purposes. We will set up weekly meetings but for now Sundays.


Timeline which includes weekly objectives and goals

Week 4: Gather resources- weekly zoom on Sundays

Week 5: L: Family Systems Description. J: Start Scope of Issue. P: Start Engagement/ Assessment.

Week 6: Finish part 1

Week 7: Start second tasks. Literature of Review, Advantages and Disadvantages of Intervention, and Recommendations for Treatment.

Week 8: Finish second tasks.

Week 9: Do evaluation together, and revise.

Week 10: Submit

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