Finding a Counselor or an Adult who can guide you when in dire situations


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The current pandemic has made it unbearable, with most families and households facing financial crises and related social problems. This has contributed to an increase in suicide rates. This presentation highlights how to tackle the problem. Besides, it highlights the severity of the problem in contemporary society. Creating awareness and simple mitigative measures can help reduce suicide rates. Data derived from Healthy People 2030.

Target Population:聽All Audiences


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Informing all audiences of how they can mitigate suicide and suicidal thoughts by using simple but helpful tactics.


路 Suicide is a critical public health concern

路 Young adults, 18 – 25 years are the most susceptible to suicidal thoughts in the U.S., with a prevalence rate of approximately 11.8%

路 Suicide claims about 1.3% of all global deaths

路 Suicide rates are expected to get worse if the current situation becomes severe

路 Some factors that put most populations at risk of suicide include; family & social situations, financial strains, experiences of loss or trauma, nihilism, and substance use


路 Talking to Someone – Our close friends & family would always be there when we are undergoing life-threatening situations.

路 Finding a Counselor or an Adult who can guide you when in dire situations

路 Eliminating access to lethal tools that can develop suicide thoughts

路 Taking medications & following medical instructions by the counselor keenly

路 Downloading apps that help you avoid suicidal thoughts, including daily motivations.

路 Staying positive; sharing beautiful moments with friends and family


1. Healthy People 2030,

2. World Health Organization (2019)

3. National Institute of Mental Health (2021)

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