British Journal of Criminology 

Counterterrorism: An annotated bibliography


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Counterterrorism: An annotated bibliography

This research paper focuses on counterterrorism, which is the tactics, strategies, and measures utilized by intelligence agencies, military, and other responsible government bodies to combat terrorism against human rights standards. It contributes to safeguarding the security of a country through government approaches, collaboration, and coordinating working arrangements. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are well prepared and adequately resourced through it. The Christian worldview is relevant to it; people can understand God as the sovereign of all existence. This affirmation assist in rejecting any act that may harm human beings who are God’s creation-counterterrorism is essential in ensuring

Winter, Aaron. “The United States of America: Counterterrorism pre-9/11.”


in: Silke, A. (ed.) Routledge Handbook of Terrorism and Counterterrorism Abingdon, UK Routledge, 2018. pp. 615-634

This article discusses the increased focus on counterterrorism and terrorism since the attacks of September 11. The attacks drove terrorism to prominence in foreign and security and international relations policy. Terrorism is a major security concern, nationally and internationally. Since the occurrence of the incidences, scholars have increased interest in researching terrorism effects. Also, there is funding for the researches and literature, counterterrorism, and media attention to determine the foreign actors, threats, and sources pertaining to terrorism. The attacks helped change people’s perception of the world, and they increased counterterrorism practices among nations.

Huq, Aziz Z. “Community-led counterterrorism.”


Studies in Conflict & Terrorism 40.12 (2017): 1038-1053.

This article will be essential when exploring the importance of counterterrorism in a community. This article explores the idea that in religiously and geographically defined communities, non-state actors have a role in ensuring counterterrorism. This is by responding to the increasing efforts of terrorists to conduct malicious behaviors in North America and Europe. Ultimately, community-led counterterrorism may utilize ethical anchoring and ideological competition causal channels. However, the existing counterterrorism does not harness the mechanisms, and therefore it undermines them. The safest way is having community-led counterterrorism since it can easily present untapped opportunities when fighting terrorism. Despite all, various minority communities such as the Muslims in the West, alongside liberal democracies, may ethically question it.

Silke, A., 2018. The study of terrorism and counterterrorism.


In Routledge handbook of terrorism and counterterrorism (pp. 1-10). Routledge.

This article explores counterterrorism and terrorism as always challenging subjects. Both from the past century have lurked on scientific research fringes. Their interest in the subject led to incorporation into the curriculum, and everyone was aware of the topics. The definition of the impact of terrorism in the past years led to the establishment of critical studies on terrorism. However, researchers have been using ineffective methods to explore them and have not been concerned with studying terrorism fully. This work will assist in understanding the essential key concepts that will make the overall research study easier.

da Cruz, José de Arimatéia. “Counterterrorism Strategy from an extended Global online Level.”


In Online Terrorist Propaganda, Recruitment, and Radicalization, pp. 103-112. CRC Press, 2019.

The chapter discusses the various international, and regional association approaches utilized when addressing counterterrorism in broad. The strategy incorporates documents that must be adopted to ensure uniformity in terrorist organizations always ahead of law-enforcing agencies. Some countries have used response teams who utilize computer security incidences to necessitate counterterrorism. Although this may fight terrorism, there may be a workforce shortage, and this work will be paramount in my research study when understanding future challenges that may challenge counterterrorism and the good recommendations to control them from occurring.

Mythen, Gabe, and Sandra Walklate. “Counterterrorism and the reconstruction of (in) security: Divisions, dualisms, duplicities.”


British Journal of Criminology 56, no. 6 (2016): 1107-1124.

This research paper explores the effects of counterterrorism regulations on the population of suspects for the past few years. The researchers focus on pre-emptive policies impacts and highlight the shift from universal towards partial security pledges by the State. The work further examines the shift’s consequences for the people outside the boundaries of eligible safety. The researchers suggest a conceptual device palette that necessitates criminological critique. This work will be useful when understanding the regulations on terrorists, punishment, and policies that each must follow when caught.

Tankel, Stephen. “US counterterrorism in the Sahel: from indirect to direct intervention.”


International Affairs 96, no. 4 (2020): 875-893.

American security cooperation has undergone massive evolution and expansion for the past years, although this is overlooked in counterterrorism literature. The article presents a region that can be essential when exploring the constitute effects of the cooperation, alongside evolution following pursuing a mission of economy of force by the US. The work focuses on the US effects in the Sahel when providing indirect military interventions following the occurrence of the 9/11 attacks. By utilizing this work, it will be easier to learn how the US intervenes with neighboring countries when counterterrorism. This will be essential when learning the different countries’ strategies to ensure counterterrorism.

Sinai, Joshua. “The United States of America: Domestic Counterterrorism since 9/11.”

In Routledge handbook of terrorism and counterterrorism, pp. 635-647. Routledge, 2018

This chapter reflected on the 2009 0ccasion when Najibullah Zazi had plotted the subway system of New York City. The criminal had timed the incidence as an anniversary and remembrance of the September 11 attacks. This paper reflects on the effectiveness of the US counterterrorism programs since the first attack. It reflects and examines the various attacks, and the chapter seeks to shed light on United States’ counterterrorism operation in the post-era of 9/11. The chapter will be essential when exploring the threats that face the US from new home-grown terrorists.

Travis, Philip. “We’re Going to Nicaragua: The United States, Nicaragua, and Counterterrorism in Central America during the 1980s.”

Contemporary Voices: St Andrews Journal of International Relations 7, no. 2 (2016).

The paper provides an overview of the offensive strategy developed by the US to deal with any conflicts that face the developing world. This policy targeted various states, and the acts is known as the Reagan offensive. Also, the offensive was driven by the increasing number of terrorism internationally and was a threat to US policy. Utilizing these articles will make it easier to learn how counterterrorism was being done in the past decades, and the history will make the study a success.

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